Effects of sleep deprivation and how to cure it by Sprayable sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our life in maintaining a healthy life and staying good through your life. Getting sufficient sleep at night is very important, it protects the mental health, safety, physical health. If you are not getting enough sleep, it will create irritation in your body when your wake up. Sleep help in the growth as well as development. If a person is having less sleep, it will create a problem in the long run and result in chronic health issues. In recent research of Harvard Medical School, it has been concluded that getting sleep less than five hours can increase your odds for death. Below there are some side effects for not getting enough sleep.


Effects of sleeping less


  • High chances of diseases: In recent research, it has been found that the people who are sleeping for less amount of time are particularly having heart problems. They have high chances of stroke or being obese.


  • High blood pressure: Having less sleep can cause stress to the mind or body, and that will increase your blood pressure. If they are continued for a long time, then it can damage arteries, heart or even kidneys. They can increase your chances of getting a stroke or bad vision, or it acts as a magnet to many health diseases.


  • Weak immune power: Vaccines are used to create antibodies to provide immunity against any particular disease. But due to lack of sleep and exhaustion, the immune system cannot work properly.


  • Weakened creativity: According to Neuroimaging, the brain organizes all the information while the person is sleeping and if a person doesn’t have enough sleep then he can’t focus properly.


  • Stress: If a person is not having enough sleep then the body releases cortisol hormone. As it increases stress, it will further create issues during sleeping.


  • Increase chances of dying: Having less sleep can kill you as it attracts many diseases.


  • Change in mood: If a person is not having enough sleep he will feel irritated and exhausted. Researchers have shown that it leads to huge mood changes.


  • Depression: Lack of sleep can lead to depression. It has been seen that people suffering from insomnia are also suffering from huge depression.


  • Accident: If a person is not sleeping properly then his decision making is slightly impaired which can lead to accidents.


  • Dry skin: Sleep is a type of natural moisturizer. It helps your skin to keep itself hydrated. It improves the flow of blood of your skin. Getting less sleep can make your skin look dull. Sleep deprivation can also cause eczema.


  • Memory problem: There is a sharp wave ripple in the brain which keeps our memory sharp. Memory is dependent on the sleep that you get. If the brain is not getting enough sleep, it can create memory issues.

As sleeping properly is very important for a human being, if a person is suffering from any sleeping disorder and are being unable to sleep, then that person can opt for sprayable sleep.  Spraying this sleep tonic can boost the production of melatonin and thereby making the person fall asleep quickly, and it is also a natural ingredient.